The Advantages of Custom-Fabricated Steel Beams

South Central Steel pic

South Central Steel

As president and owner of South Central Steel, Inc., (SCS) Andrew “Andy” R. Schroeder guides a company that offers a host of industrial and commercial construction solutions. Andy Schroeder and the SCS team employ fabricated structural steel of the highest quality to facilitate the construction of schools, government buildings, and industrial structures.

Projects that require custom-fabricated steel beams begin with a metal fabricator utilizing leading-edge software to evaluate and interpret blueprints and diagrams. A welder then uses torches and other tools to warp the steel beams into dimensions that meet detailed specifications.

The use of custom fabricated beams offers a number of advantages over standard rolled beams. While traditional beams are available in a number of sizes, standard dimensions are employed. This makes them most suitable for standardized applications that meet structural needs such as angles, channels, plates, and beams. In the hands of an experienced metal fabricator, however, steel offers the flexibility to create original shapes and sizes that meet the requirements of creative architectural designs and help maximize space.