Greystone Men’s Golf Association Activities

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Greystone Men’s Golf Association

Andy Schroeder, president of South Central Steel (SCS) in Harpersville, Alabama, previously served as vice president at SCS. An avid golfer in his free time, Andy Schroeder is a member of the Greystone Country Club.

The Greystone Men’s Golf Association (GMGA) plans and provides regular golf-related events for members, including tournaments and social events. To hold membership in the GMGA, an individual must be a male member of Greystone, at least 21 years old, with golfing privileges who participates in the club’s handicap system. Some of the tournaments the GMGA hosts are required by the club’s handicap system, but the club’s Golf Committee can choose to designate additional tournaments as well. Club tournaments are open to all members with golfing privileges, whether or not they participate in the GMGA, but additional GMGA-focused tournaments can be restricted to only those in the GMGA.

Members must pay $35 to the club annually to participate in the GMGA. These dues are collected as a part of standard club billing, and those who join in the latter half of the year only pay half of the annual dues. All GMGA dues are non-refundable.