The Largemouth Bass – A Resilient Alabama Fish Species


Largemouth Bass pic

Largemouth Bass

Based in Harpersville, Alabama, Andy Schroeder is an entrepreneur who serves as owner and president of South Central Steel (SCS), a provider of quality fabricated structural steel solutions. When away from his responsibilities at SCS, Andy Schroeder enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing.

One of the most sought-after species by anglers statewide is the largemouth bass, which is Alabama’s state freshwater fish, a distinction shared with Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida. Typically the top predator in the lakes, reservoirs, and rivers in which it lives, the species has a preference for calm or slowly flowing waters, but is capable of surviving in diverse freshwater environments.

A solitary fish, the largemouth bass typically hides among submerged tree limbs or plants in wait of prey. The males are extremely territorial, particularly during mating season. After he has fertilized the thousands of eggs laid by the female, the male chases off his mate and guards the eggs for 5-10 days until they hatch.